"We Are All In This Together"... is a quote that we are hearing from everyone....locals, politicians, movie and sports stars, etc. And that holds true here at Memorial because we are family and we face our accomplishments and our adversities TOGETHER. During this unprecedented time, our faculty and staff continue to work to educate our students. That was our goal and the beginning of the school year and we will continue to strive to be successful till the end of the school year. The classroom might have changed but the mission remains the same.

Our teachers will continue to prepare our wonderful students for their next year at Memorial Day School, their first year at the college of their choice, or whatever career move they have decided on. WE ARE HERE !!

Our prayers and love go out to our families, our community, and our nation.
If you need us, please contact us. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!

YES... it is that time of the year. It is more than just finishing up basketball and moving on to Baseball and Track season. It is more than just the weather moving from mild (remember we are in Savannah), to warmer and then to hot.

It is that time to think about your child's education and what school can provide you and your student the best environment to learn.

As Memorial Day School enters their 50th year, our mission and formula for education has not changed. We have and will continue to offer a safe haven for our students. We provide that by having a faculty and staff that remains vigilant and focused on their task. Our classrooms are small and so are our class sizes, and that is how we want it. Smaller class size provides your student the advantage of being able to receive individual attention. A classroom and a faculty where your student is learning because our teachers teach students and not just the curriculum. If your student "doesn't get it", we are small enough to react to their needs and we will provide that additional attention where they will be academically successful. INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION. ACADEMIC SUCCESS.

But we don't want you to just read about us, we invite you to stop by and talk with our Admissions Director, Mrs. Jamie Lane. Mrs. Lane can tell you all the advantages of a Memorial Day School education and take you on a walk through our buildings and campus.

See what over 1,500 students have already discovered.

Memorial Day School will provide the best education and in the environment where your student can learn and prosper.

mckenzie king award

Memorial Day School 8th Grader McKenzie King received the Savannah Area FCA's Student Athlete of the Month honor for exemplifying their core values of Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence. McKenzie is a guard on the varsity girl's basketball team, and takes her faith and fellow teammates to heart. We couldn't be prouder of McKenzie!

Click here to read the full article on ESPN Coastal's site.

It might say it's 2020, a new year - but at Memorial Day School, that doesn't mean a new beginning. Our school has been operating successfully since 1971 ... that will make this next year our 50th !! And for those 50 years, Memorial Day School has stayed true to our founding family's wishes - to operate a school in a Christian environment, in a family atmosphere, educating our students one child at a time and creating academic success for all of them.

Over the past 50 years, Memorial Day School has graduated approximately 1500 students, a good indicator of our long term commitment to small class sizes. Those alumni are caring citizens living all over the globe and working in a wide-variety of vocations from Doctors, Lawyers, Attorneys, and other professionals to airline mechanics, underwater ROV operators, automotive specialists, career military, and a huge spectrum of other employment.

With our 50th Anniversary coming soon, the school is busily making plans for many exciting activities to involve not just past students and families, but a celebration within our community.

We invite you to check out all of the advantages that Memorial Day School offers.

Our families and students thrive at Memorial Day School simply because they matter.

We are seeing many stores with their Christmas decorations on display and Christmas gifts for sale. Radio stations are playing our favorite Christmas tunes.....and the White House and Rockefeller Center have already had their giant Christmas trees delivered. YES... the holiday season is upon us and along with the music, trees and gifts - we reflect on all we have to be thankful for.

Memorial Day School, a school filled with love, family, and dedicated employees. Recently, we had a chance to go and look at "Years of Service" and we found some remarkable statistics. Pam Gross has been teaching at Memorial Day School for 34 years. Her mother, Pam Rowell, was our first head of school. Follow that with Mrs. Willcoxon working at Memorial for 30 years followed by Mrs. Farris, Mrs. King and Mr. Sussman coming to work every day for the past 25 years. We have so many more faculty and staff that have been loyal workers for 5, 10, 15, 20 years and more. That is a blessing for a school like Memorial and one that we are truly thankful for.

Memorial has almost 2000 alumni that have walked our hallways and sat in our classrooms. With those alumni came their families who have volunteered countless hours, raised thousands of dollars and continue to support our school.

This may be "the season" but at Memorial Day School, we remember and are thankful for all of those who have touched our lives and our school 12 months a year.
From all of us at the school and our Board of Directors - we wish you the happiest of days for today, tomorrow, and always.
Seasons Greetings to you all because at Memorial Day School ..... YOU matter.

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    As the school year comes to an end....
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Memorial Day School is a private, independent Christian school in midtown Savannah, Georgia. Since 1971, our creed that each student, parent, teacher and staff member matters to one another serves to empower each student to matter more as they go forth in life.

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