Natalie Hendrix and her team at WSAV visited Memorial Day School and spoke with Head of School, Jennifer Farris, in a detailed two-part exploration of what the school has to offer Savannah area students and families.

Monday, August 5th was the beginning of another great year at Memorial Day School.

It all started in 1971, and for 48 years, our school has been opening the doors for hundreds of this community's students.

We are a small school with lots of big things happening inside. Our buildings may be a little dated, but inside we have up-to-date technology and one of the best learning environments in our area.
Our teachers love to teach and they teach the student - not the subject. Every student learns differently and you have to have small classes to be able to adapt to those different styles of learning.


With 200 students beginning the school year, both our faculty and students were eager to catch up from events over the summer and get to work in the classroom.

Our Seniors are looking forward to their last year in school while underclassmen are finding ways to improve on the skills they are being taught.

Memorial Day School is a great place to be. We invite everyone to come see why we have been successful for almost 50 years.

At Memorial Day School....... YOU matter.


WELCOME HOME !! Two words that returning Memorial Day School families understand. Our school is more than just classrooms and desks. Our teachers teach more than just subjects. Our administrators do more than just discipline.

Memorial Day School has been home to almost 2000 graduates since 1971. From the start, our school was all about family. When our students arrive, they are greeted by faculty that care about them in and out of the classroom. Our teachers spend time with their students giving daily instruction on a variety of subjects and if that student has difficulty grasping all of the concepts being taught, they will come to school early or stay late to offer free extra help. We teach the students and not just the subjects.

The administrative staff recognizes every student. They aren't just a name, they are members of our family. And as a member of that family, we care about how they are feeling and if there is anything we can help with as they mature and move from a lower school student to a graduating Senior. As a matter-of-fact, on our campus, you will find over 70 "matADORABLES" in our childcare center starting as young as six weeks of age. YES, as we say at Memorial Day School, we are a "diapers to diploma" school.

We are excited to welcome our returning students and the many new students to our 2019-2020 school year. When you come to Memorial Day are family.

WELCOME HOME !!! You matter.

The summer months have been heating up.  The Savannah weather isn't the only thing that is HOT at Memorial Day School.  Our school administrative team has been HOT about getting student schedules put together for the 2019-2020 school year.  There are a few changes to the schedule that we know students will really enjoy along with some new menu choices in the Matador Cafe.  Mr. Mike and Mr. Rob have been busy touching up and deep cleaning throughout our campus in preparation for the first day of school on Monday, August 5th.  Look for an email regarding our OPEN HOUSE on Thursday, August 1st.

The Lady Matador Cheerleaders and Varsity Volleyball team have been getting a lot of practice in and have recently completed their instructional camps.  And our Matador Varsity Football team have been conditioning all summer through the heat and will be heading toward camp just before school begins.

We are all excited to welcome back our families and are looking forward to another awesome year at Memorial Day School.

It's a happy's a sad time because SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!

HAPPY because we are all looking for a little time off. Students, faculty, administrators and families - we have all been at it for 180 days. We have done hours of homework and projects. We have come together and attended many ceremonies, events and athletic competitions. And now it is time for about 8 weeks of vacation to recharge our batteries and get ready for the 2019-2020 school year.

SAD because we had to say goodbye to our Class of 2019. These students have provided us with so many great moments and a few aggravating moments - but they will always have a place in our hearts and on our campus. These young men and women are off to attend the colleges of their choice. Some are heading in to the military and others will seek full time work.
During the 8 weeks of summer, our administrative staff will be putting the final touches on our new school year. We are adding a 7th period to provide more opportunities for our students to explore their interests. We will be sprucing up our campus and our classrooms and we will be here to welcome back returning students and new students.

Memorial Day School is heading towards our 50th Anniversary. Founded in 1971, this school has always been about our families providing the best education possible in small classroom enviornments with a love for students like no other school in this area.

We thank the almost 2000 alumni families for choosing Memorial Day School as we pledge to continue our mission.
Thank you, God Bless You, and have a great summer.

See you August 5th, 2019.

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Memorial Day School is a private, independent Christian school in midtown Savannah, Georgia. Since 1971, our creed that each student, parent, teacher and staff member matters to one another serves to empower each student to matter more as they go forth in life.

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