Thanksgiving is just days away. It is time for so much more than just a week out of school. It truly is a time for reflection and thanks.

Memorial Day School has been educating students for 50 years. Over that time, almost 1400 men and women can call themselves Alumni while hundreds of others have also walked the hallways and breezeways of our school.
"Family" is the one word that has echoed our mission over those 50 years. Students have been treated and become part of our Memorial Day School family. We love them like family. We took care of them like family.  We nurtured and held their experiences and their education as we would our own children.

Visit our campus and talk to our teachers and our students.  They will all have stories to tell about the people they have met and have become part of the family. At this time of the year, we are all grateful for the family we have and the family that we have become part of.

From the beginning in 1971, Memorial Day School's mission has been to educate their students one student at a time with lots of individual attention, love and nurturing. We are truly thankful for our founders, our continued support, and our bright future.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone !!

Memorial Day School is proud to be celebrating our 50th year of educating students in the Savannah area. We are even prouder of keeping to our mission of education in a Christian environment and with a family atmosphere.

Our students are loved. They "matter" as our mantra says. Our teachers believe in teaching students and not just subjects.  Every student is treated as an individual, and individuals learn in different ways.

We are fortunate to have a fine staff of educators and administrators who care about our school and our students. Over 1,300 alumni have received their diplomas from Memorial Day School and have moved on in their lives. Our alumni have gone on to live their own lives in as diversified manner as they are individuals.

Memorial Day School can brag about our alumni who are now educators themselves, from school principals to classroom instructors. Among our alumni, we have doctors, attorneys, and other professionals, but, we also have store owners, and employees. We have graduates working important jobs at the Port of Savannah, Gulfstream, JCB and other local corporations. Our graduates have gone on to live successful lives in their chosen profession... A diversified group that we continue to love and respect because they matter.

So as we move into our 2nd quarter of our 2021-2022 school year, we need to look back to when it all started in August of 1971, 50 years ago.

Memorial Day School is still here. Some of the paint colors have changed, we have some new floors and lighting, there are televisions and computers now, the office has moved into the original cafeteria. There have been many changes and advancements made to the physical plant, but the heart of Memorial Day hasn't changed.

We will continue to educate the only way we know how: one student at a time. We will continue to work with individuals to help them achieve their academic success. We will love our students and their families because THEY MATTER.

We certainly hope that you have and are enjoying your summer break. It seems like just yesterday we dismissed our students at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

Well, we are just about two weeks away from the start of the 2021-2022 school year. Let's all say a prayer that we can come back healthy and remain so with in person learning, no mask or social distance requirements and have all of those events we plan and look forward to.

While you have been on break, we have been busy doing some cleaning, rearranging and a makeover of our gym wing and cafeteria. If our contractors stay on schedule, we will open up to a brighter, up-to-date, and exciting new environment in that building.

Our teachers have been coming back to campus to work in their rooms and get their curriculum together for the school year.

On the athletic side of the school, the coaching staffs have been doing their best to train and condition our athletes for the upcoming football, basketball, volleyball and cheer seasons. We are excited for you to meet our new coaches and our teachers.....but for more on that - check your email.
Enjoy the next two weeks and we are excited to see you soon Memorial Day School - YOU matter.

We certainly hope that everyone is enjoying their summer break and having some time for family and friends.

While our staff does take some time off to spend with our families, we are also hard at work at school. The renovations on our gym wing begin Thursday, June 17th and we are excited to see the results. We will be replacing paneling, painting, installing new floors and even a surprise or two. The Matador Cafe will also get a facelift and we can't wait to welcome all of our students and their families to a bright and shiny Matador Cafe.

Our Varsity Football and Varsity Vollleyball teams have been working hard getting ready for the 2021-2022 seasons. If you are new to our school and are interested in playing, please contact the school office or our Athletic Director Tyler Helmly.

Mrs. Lane has been busy showing new families around our school almost every day. Enrollment is going strong and we ask you to tell your friends about Memorial Day School.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation and we look forward to seeing everyone in just about 6 weeks.

If you are a fan of Barry Manilow, you should remember one of his best songs, "LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT !". In spite of the most unusual school year in history, a year of hybrid learning, on-line classes, social distancing and masks.....WE MADE IT.

We couldn't have done it without the leadership and faculty that we are lucky to have at Memorial Day School. A staff that remains loyal to our mission and to love and care for our students because they matter. And now we can celebrate together with our Memorial Day School families. Yearbook dedication, honors program, baccalaureate, and of course.....GRADUATION OF THE CLASS OF 2021.

Following graduation, our administrative staff will be back at work making plans for the 2021-2022 school year - OUR 50TH ANNIVERSARY.

We look forward to welcoming back our returning students along with many new families.

During the summer months, the school will be making renovations and improvements to our gymnasium wing including painting, new floors and walls. Our Matador Cafe will also get a makeover with new paint, walls, floors, lights, etc.

We are excited about the future of our school and can't wait to welcome you HOME.

Our Location

Memorial Day School

6500 Habersham St.
Savannah, GA  31405

Phone: 912-352-4535
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Memorial Day School is a private, independent Christian school in midtown Savannah, Georgia. Since 1971, our creed that each student, parent, teacher and staff member matters to one another serves to empower each student to matter more as they go forth in life.

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