Schools are very business like.  Tuition income generates the funds needed to pay salaries, purchase supplies and technology and basically "keep the lights on".  Like any business - you have to draw customers in.
Some schools choose to advertise on tv, radio, and printed media.  Those costs, have to come from tuition dollars.

The most common method of attracting customers is an "OPEN HOUSE".  Why should that be important to the families looking for a place to educate their children and keep them safe during the school day?
At an OPEN HOUSE, you get to walk the same halls as your child will.  You get an opportunity to meet the faculty, put a face to a name, and have a conversation about your unique needs.

You also get to meet the staff and the Head of the School and discuss your children and what the school can offer. There is no better way to choose a school than seeing the heart and soul of the school.  Fancy buildings don't educate - peope do.

Memorial Day School holds and annual OPEN HOUSE (January 9, 2022 from 2 - 4 PM), but if that date and time in not convenient, we invite you to call our Director of Admissions Jamie Lane to schedule your private tour.  
The education of children, YOUR CHILDREN, is the most important aspect of our business and we invite you to see why we have been serving our community since 1971 - 50 years.

Our Location

Memorial Day School

6500 Habersham St.
Savannah, GA  31405

Phone: 912-352-4535
Fax: 912-352-4536



  • Jul 16 2024
    Athletic Director Andrea Bagnall Featured
    WSAV-TV features our new Athletic Director, Andrea Bagnall.


Memorial Day School

Memorial Day School is a private, independent Christian school in midtown Savannah, Georgia. Since 1971, our creed that each student, parent, teacher and staff member matters to one another serves to empower each student to matter more as they go forth in life.

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